$1.00 dollar pays for your first month on 5×5 and 5×10 units! This is for a limited time so call us or go online to reserve your unit today!

Reclaim Your Closet Now! 50% Off 5 x5’s perfect for hiding x-mas presents

For a limited time.† Heard that before? I know what your thinking and this is the deal...Until we reach an acceptable level of vacancy on our 5 x5 units you can rent one for 50% off† with no rate...

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50% Off! Look for the Banner on Beaver Valley Rd

For a limited time we are offering our smallest sized units at 50% off regular rates.† Unlike other storage facilities, our reduced rate NEVER expires.† Our 5x5 storage units are perfect for students, small business owners or anyone just...

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Yoostar – Fairborn Self Storage will mellow you out

Enjoy this quickly made yoostar video featuring the comic stylings of Cheech and Chong.† In this clip degenhart canít believe that Fairborn Self Storage is all that and a bag of chips. Remember! Free Bag Of Chips With Every...

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Free Lunch at Fairborn Self Storage, a couple times this week

We're gonna fire up the grill this week between June 15 and 19... Find us on Facebook and MySpace for lunch updates.† ***and by the way, I'm super stoked for all my Penguins fan friends *** purchase levitrapurchase cialispurchae viagraorder...

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