Online auction at

Fairborn Self Storage

2088 Beaver Valley Rd.

Fairborn, Oh 45324


ONLINE AUCTION at STORAGETREASURES.COM on January 11th ending at 9am 2023

1st notice December 27thh 2022

2nd notice January 4th 2023

by admin on December 27th 2022

Online at ends on January 11th at 9am

1st unit Christina Miller owes $214.10

last known address: 471 Faculity Drive Fairborn Oh 45324

item include: Sectional couch with pillows and coffee table

2nd unit Glen Morgan owes $293.15

last known address: 504 Kirkwood Drive Fairborn, Oh 45324

items include: Speaker old radio, Lots of bags

3rd unit Lacey Taylor owes $293.15

last known address: 341 Cambridge Ct. Fairborn, Oh 45324

items include: Bags, Trash can, Bow, Air conditoner and Knife


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