LMAO! Fairborn Self Storage Owner Makes Fool Of Himself!

Last year I figured out how to make a ring tone out of the stupid McDonalds Filet o Fish song. A friend of mine posted on Facebook how her kids were driving her crazy singing the Gimme Back That Filet O Fish song, so I decided to make a ringtone and then invite her through a YouTube Video to download it. The video is below:

Last week to coincide with Lent McDonald’s debuted a new commercial featuring the song as a ring tone. The new commercial has lead to over 5,000 downloads of the ring tone in just over a week. So if you’re looking for the Mp3 of Gimme Back That Filet O Fish Download it here:

Gimme Back That Filet o Fish Ringtone Mp3

Here is the new McDonald’s Commercial that started running last week.

and if you need self storage in Fairborn, come on by, we’d appreciate the business.


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