Least Expensive Boxes and Moving Supplies Around-Need Proof?

Reasons people need quality boxes, packing tape and moving supplies:

  1. They’re Moving…duh!? It makes moving easier and cheaper to pack and label boxes.
  2. They’re Storing Stuff in Storage…again, duh!? It’s a proven fact that buying $20 to $30 worth of boxes and tape will save you lots of money on renting storage space.? Simply packing and labeling boxes can allow you to rent less space and store your stuff more efficiently.
  3. They’re Organizing at Home…not so duh…Think about it, got a bunch of stuff piled up in closets? and in the garage?? Buy some good boxes, tape and a Sharpie (all of which we sell).? Organizing your stuff at home can in many cases help you avoid renting self storage space.? Already having your stuff in labeled boxes also makes that next apartment move easier.
  4. They Care About Their Stuff…duh!? Your stuff will thank you for placing it in boxes rather than trash bags, milk crates and other makeshift containers, plus you can break down the boxes and use them again!? Just keep them under the bed.

So, where do you get quality inexpensive boxes and moving supplies?? NOT AT CVS PHARMACY That’s right!? CVS sells a 14′ box, equivalent to our small box for $3.99!!?? Price of the same box at Fairborn Self Storage is $1.69.

Photo of CVS Price of 14 inch box

So, why pay almost $4 for a box that can be bought at almost any self storage facility for less than $2?? Oh, and if you need self storage space or boxes and you’re near Wright State, Wright Patt or any apartment complex in Fairborn, we’d love to help you out.? Look for the red white and blue banners at the intersection of Beaver Valley and Old Yellow Springs Rd near Five Points Intersection or call 937-879-3008.? THANKS!


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