Storage Garages In Fairborn, Ohio on Beaver Valley Rd and Old Yellow Springs Rd

Are you looking for a storage unit or locker near Fairborn?  Fairborn Self Storage is located at the traffic light on Beaver Valley Rd and Old Yellow Springs Rd, just a 1/4 mile behind the Fairborn K-Mart.  We’ve been serving the community for over thirty years.  Our manager has over 10 years experience helping folks take care of their stuff.  We have a full line of boxes and tape.

Ask about insuring your belongings while it’s in storage.  Check your homeowners and renters insurance policy to find out if your stuff is covered in a self storage garage.  If not, you can easily and affordably  purchase a policy to accompany your rental of the unit for just a few dollars a month.  It’s easy, smart and offers peace of mind.

Questions about rates?  Give us a call at 937-879-3008


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