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Not sure what size you need? Read ahead–

5×5 = 25 sq. ft. about the size of a hall closet holds bikes, small stuff and several small boxes. Use a small pick up or a couple car loads—buying a couple small or medium sized boxes, tape and sharpie—not a bad idea.

5×10 = 50 sq. ft. more like a walk in closet. Holding up to one room of furniture this move is best using pick-up truck. Lean couch on end, store couch, chairs pillows in our cheap large storage bags.

10×10 = 100 sq. ft. This unit is the size of a small bedroom and will store 2 to 3 rooms of furniture. Stack and pack smart—utilize your space! A small moving truck or pick-up truck will get this job done with a couple trips—consider an aisle, stuff you’ll need in front and stuff you don’t in back.

10×20 = 200 sq. ft. Large one car garage—this unit will hold up to 4 or 5 rooms of furniture—best to use a moving truck (ask if free truck promo active), a couple buddies, and a case of canned beverage when the job is complete always. Seriously consider spending $50 for boxes and packing supplies—you might be able to store in a 10 x 15 and you’ll be miles ahead!…seriously!!!

10×30 = 300 sq.ft. This is a medium to large whole house. Professional moving van lines love our wide lanes and easy in out access—a 24ft moving truck gets this job done on a Saturday in 3 to 5 trips..300 sq. ft plus climate controlled and non climate controlled, flexible storage solutions, possible build to lease. Are you a contractor, does your inventory require racks/shelving? commercial, b to b, call me, 937-879-3008.